Tips From the Road

There are a few things that every new Uber driver needs to know. Uber will ask passengers to rate your service after every trip and it is critical that you maintain an excellent rating or Uber will block your access to the driving platform

  • Keep a clean car inside and out
  • greet your customers and thank them for the ride when you arrive at the destination
  • Be knowledgeable about your city, customers will ask for suggestions on places to visit and they will appreciate what you have to say
  • Make conversation with your riders, a silent trip is the quickest way to turn a 5 star trip into a disaster

Things you MUST have when you drive

  • A phone charger for your phone, Uber uses both data and GPS which will drain your battery fast
  • An addition charger for your customers to use – they are inexpensive and riders will appreciate it
  • Cleaning supplies – simple things like microfiber towels, strong paper towels (i use the shop towel brand), all purpose cleaning spray, spray disinfectant (you will at some point pick up sick riders)
  • Portable vacuum cleaner is a nice addition as well and inexpensive
  • Vomit bags – at some point you will pick up an intoxicated rider and better to be ready than have to clean your car

Tax considerations

  • Keep a mileage log, every mile you drive while you work is deductible! This is very very important and adds up to a lot of money
  • Keep receipts from any thing you purchase for your vehicle such as the items I recommended above
  • If Uber is your full time job you will need to file taxes quarterly since you are an independent contractor for Uber and they do not hold taxes out of your pay. More than likely this will not be necessary if you have another job that holds taxes out of your pay.
  • Contact a tax professional for expert advice as these are just a few of the quick tips


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